Salary: 2500 yuan of above release date: 2014-2-12 demand number: 10 people expiration date: 90

The specific requirements:

1, limit male, 20 to 30 years of age.

2, high school or above, healthy body, can bear hardships and stand hard work, obey the arrangement and company command.

Job duties: responsible for the company's production line the road.

Other description: provide free accommodation, sign a formal labor contract, pay five insurance, and welfare of the company.

The technician

Job requirements:

秒速时时彩app 1, love sales work, the work enthusiasm, initiative, positive, able to work under strong pressure;

2, with independent ability to exploit market, strong interpersonal communication skills, the thought is agile, healthy body, bears hardships and stands hard work;

3, have good professional ethics, strong sense of team, efficient and pragmatic;

4, have sports, and education related industry resources is preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1, according to the company's overall strategy, regional marketing planning, product strategy and policy, and carry out;

秒速时时彩app 2, develop and implement the sales plan, complete the sales task;

3, conduct market development, establish and manage sales channels;

4, understand the industry, be familiar with the market conditions, master and feedback the latest marketing information and market dynamics.